Vintage gay

I haven’t a clue when these two guys may have cuddled up next to each other to pose for this photograph. I’m wondering if anyone can date this based on their attire?

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5 responses to “Vintage gay

  1. VERY handsome both of you!
    I hope they could have been very happy!


  2. I’d say early 1900’s — and they look like brothers rather than lovers to me.

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  3. Hi Guys…. Yes, very difficult to date, but I would think it is certainly int the early 1900’s, more than likely just prior to WW1 but no later than the mid-20’s if post war? It is a delightfully tender and loving image, taken at a time when any show of male om male affection would have resulted in prison.


  4. It looks like they’re wearing knickerbockers, so that would be the 1920s I think.


  5. From New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology “Fashion History Timeline”: The circa 1900 knickerbockers (knickers) are baggy and more loose fitting; the gatherings under the knees are created with elastic instead of buttons or buckles. (They) are a more tailored and modern version of the garment and were likely worn as a fashion piece and not for engaging in strenuous sport or activity. Indeed by the early 20th century, knickerbockers were not just worn as sportswear. The style became fashionable as regular menswear and was worn on a daily basis.



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