Temptation Tuesday

Anyone who may have seen Smiley or Merli on Netflix will recognize Carlos Cuevas immediately. The distractingly handsome, young Spanish actor plays a hopeless romantic bartender working in Barcelona in the Netflix series Smiley and he plays a bisexual philosophy student (also in Barcelona) in Merli.

I watched both series and was enchanted by both his good looks and the characters he plays. The first, Smiley is more of a romantic comedy whereas Merli is more about the life and struggles of Carlos and a small group of students he befriends. Both are worth watching.

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2 responses to “Temptation Tuesday

  1. He is a stunning man, and loved watching him in both. Look forward to more, I’m sure he is in the radar of directors.


  2. Maybe that long neckline should be closed a little. Don’t you think Rob?????



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