DANI’s queer bar poised to open in Back Bay

In January, LGBTQ Night Life events announced they would be opening a new bar in Boston called Dani’s Queer Bar. Late last night Universal Hub cited an article in the Simmons Voice that said Dani’s Queer Bar will open in the space formerly known as the Pour House. While no opening date was confirmed, it is believed it is only weeks away.

While the bar will welcome everyone, LGBTQ Night Life has said of Dani’s, “Our mission is to open Boston’s first Queer Bar for women and non-binary LGBTQ+ community members who feel like we have no place.” I hope this comes to pass. It would be great to see a Lesbian Bar open in such a prominent location.

The address for the upcoming Dani’s Queer Bar is 907 Boylston Street, Boston, MA, 02115.

For more information about the bar visit danisqueerbar.com.


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