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Boston’s Emerald Necklace celebrates Olmstead’s 200 birthday

Boston’s Emerald Necklace, a 7+ mile string of interconnected parks designed by Frederick Law Olmstead (yeah the same guy who also created Central Park, NYC), is celebrating Olmstead’s 200th birthday.

The string of parks begin or end (depending on your perspective) at the Boston Common and weaves its way through the Back Bay into the Fens then along the Jamaica Way through Brookline where the heavily wooded park full of beautiful stone bridges and a trickling river will hide you from city life which is just feet from the walking / biking paths. The park continues past Leverett Pond (this section is called Olmstead Park and is one of the prettiest sections to pass through). Finally you’ll work your way to Jamaica Pond before continuing on to the Arnold Arboretum and Franklin Park.

While there are sections of the park that require you to ride alongside street traffic and there are more than a few intersections to ride through (especially in the Back Bay and Fenway), it is still a favorite bike ride. It’s perfect on warm sunny days. The hundred year old trees create a canopy shielding you from the heat of the sun and the near constant presence of water makes it a bit cooler than out on the streets.

Later this summer when you find yourself in Boston without any plans, consider exploring this gem of a park named for the aerial view of green parkland that is meant to be reminscent of an emerald necklace.