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Burger King: Pride Whopper controversy

You may have already read about this gaff but it’s too good of a story to overlook. Last week, Burger King Austria caused a stir on social media with its “Pride Whopper” campaign, that launched at the start of the month. The campaign centers on Burger King’s signature burger, allowing customers the option to order either two sesame-coated top buns or two flat-bottom buns.

According to BK, the intention was to highlight equal rights and equal love—by having two same side / types buns. However, the advertising agency seemed to be unaware of the meaning of top and bottom and proved to confuse (and in my case amuse) many in the LGBTQ+ community. Some turned to Twitter to ask Burger King if they were familiar with what top and bottom mean. One Tweet I read asked if there were any vers buns, LOL!