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SpeakEasy Stage presents: Casa Valentina

Casa Valentina SpeakEasy Stage BostonBased on actual events, Casa Valentina takes place in 1962 at a Catskills resort where a group of heterosexual men secretly gather to dress and behave like women. But when challenged to publicly reveal their female alter-egos in the pursuit of political acceptance, each must decide whether freedom is worth the risk of ruin.

Written by Harvey Fierstein (Kinky BootsHairspray), Casa Valentina is a provocative, hilarious, and touching new play about gender identity, self-acceptance, and the struggle to find the right pumps.

Casa Valentina opens this weekend and runs from October 24th – November 28th. You can read more about the production and purchase tickets from the SpeakEasy Stage Company’s website.  Note that The Welcoming Committee is hosting a takeover on Thursday, November 12th and tickets are discounted! Get them while they last here.

Casa Valentina

SpeakEasy Stage Co presents, appropriate

Appropriate SpeakEasy Stage Co BostonLast week SpeakEasy Stage Company opened their 25th season with the New England premiere of the family drama, appropriateThe play picks up as members of the Lafayette family come home to a crumbling plantation in rural Arkansas to mourn the loss of their father and settle his estate.

September 12 – October 10
For more information and to purchase tickets

Sparks start to fly pretty quickly as the Lafayette family come together for the first time in years.  Family members start to verbalize long held grudges in an attempt to clear the air and make peace but bonds are tested when a terrible discovery is made.  The painful and sometimes tense confrontations on stage provide an interesting mirror to tensions we see in our society.

Boston Globe review: In ‘Appropriate’, family tensions and something more

Sergio and I really enjoyed the production and would be curious to hear what you think.  Come out and check out the SpeakEasy Stage Co’s. latest production and congratulate this Boston theater company that has been bringing wonderful plays and musicals for an impressive 25 seasons.  Congratulations SpeakEasy Stage Co.

Reserve tickets to one of these shows this fall

Centastage, Zeitgeist Theater, American Repertory Theater, SpeakEasy StageMany of Boston’s local theaters are rolling out new shows for you to enjoy this fall. You can see classics like My Fair Lady at The Lyric Stage and Arthur Miller’s Broken Glass at the NewRep Theater.  The A.R.T. and Centastage both have world premieres, and I’ll definitely be checking out Zeitgeist Stage Co. production of The Boys in the Band.  

Support local theater: reserve tickets to a play today

Waitress (Aug. 2 – Sept. 27): World Premiere musical presented by the American Repertory Theater in Harvard Square
My Fair Lady (Sept. 4 – Oct. 10): Presented by The Lyric Stage of Boston in the Back Bay
Broken Glass (Sept. 5 – Sept. 27): Presented by the NewRep Theater in Watertown
Academy Fight Song (Sept. 11 – Sept. 26): Presented by Centastage at the Calderwood Pavilion in the South End
The Boys in the Band (Sept. 11 – Oct. 3): Presented by the Zeitgeist Stage Company at the Black Box Theater in the South End
A Little Night Music (Sept. 11 – Oct. 11): Presented by the Huntington Theater in Fenway / Kenmore
Appropriate (Sept. 12 – Oct. 10): Presented by the SpeakEasy Stage at the Calderwood Pavilion in the South End
Guerilla Opera: Troubled Water (Sept. 18 – 25): Presented by the Boston Conservatory in Fenway / Kenmore
Ernest Shakleton Loves Me (Sept. 20 – Oct. 4): Presented by ArtsEmerson at the Paramount Theater in Downtown Crossing

Be sure to see SpeakEasy Stage Company’s Mothers & Sons

SpeakEasy Stage Company, Boston, TheaterSpeakEasy Stage Company’s latest play is Terry McNally’s 2014 Tony Nominee for best play, Mothers & Sons.  The 1oo minute perfomance is powerfully touching and may be my favorite play this season from a Boston theater company.

This play is going to speak directly to the LGBT community in a powerful way as the rapid fire dialog between Katharine Gerard and her late son’s partner, Cal, verbally spar as they walk down a painful memory lane.  What separates this play from many that address AIDS is that it takes place in present day in Cal’s Manhattan apartment.  While Katharine Gerard retains many of her prejudices about homosexuality, she is forced to face how life has changed as she meets Cal’s husband Will Ogden and their inquisitive son, Bud. The show is filled with hilarious quips most often delivered by Katharine Gerard (played by Nancy Carroll).  My favorite is when she insists, “Andre wasn’t gay when he came to New York,” Lines like this are interspersed through out the show lightening moments and offering surprising chuckles.

Mothers & Sons opened last week and runs through June 6, 2015 – closing one week prior to Boston Pride.  I’d strongly recommend making this a date night with your significant other or with a band of your friends.  The play is touching and will evoke emotions for those enough to remember the AIDS Crisis and insight into that struggle for those born after it.

Click Here For Show Information and Tickets

SpeakEasy Stage presents Big Fish

SpeakEasy Stage, theater, boston theater, boston artsLater this week Boston’s SpeakEasy Stage will present Big Fish at the Calderwood Pavilion in the South End.   The 2.5 hour musical is based on the Daniel Wallace novel and the 2003 Tim Burton film that starred Ewan McGregor.

Big Fish tells the story of Edward Bloom, a travelling salesman whose larger-than-life stories of epic adventures delight those around him; except for his pragmatic son, Will.  As Edward’s health begins to fail and Will learns that he is about to become a father, Will sets out to discover his family’s real story by seeking the truth behind his Dad’s tall tales.

Big Fish March 13 – April 11 – Get Your Tickets Here

I look forward to seeing the show and hearing from those of you who see Big Fish. Support Boston’s local theater and arts scene by attending one or more cultural / arts events each month.  If it has been a while since attending a local theater company production or visiting one of Boston’s many cultural venues, consider seeing Big Fish or feel free to reach out to me for suggestions for ideas.

SpeakEasy Stage presents: A Future Perfect

SpeakEasy Stage, Boston TheaterBoston’s SpeakEasy Stage Company’s first production of the calendar year opens tomorrow on Friday, January 9th for a brief run at the Calderwood Pavilion. The world premiere of A Future Perfect is about two couples, Claire & Max and Alex & Elena, who are best friends.  That friendship is tested when one couple announces they are expecting a baby and careers start to trump youthful ideals.

A Future Perfect:  Jan 9 – Feb 7 – Tickets Here

SpeakEasy Stage presents Bad Jews

Photo by: Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo

Photo by: Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo

Verbal sparring dark comedy, Bad Jews, will leave you speechless

Bad Jews by Joshua Harmon and directed by Rebecca Bradshaw is currently running at the Calderwood Pavilion in the South End.   Set in March in a studio on the Upper West Side of NYC, this dark comedy includes four characters but really centers on two equally unlovable and selfish cousins who manipulate conversations and relationships to get their way.   Don Aucoin from The Boston Globe sums it up best, “this is a dark comedy that cuts deep and draws blood.”

The key to this storyline is the amazing dialog and the speed at which it is delivered.  The 110 minute play unfolds at the speed of light and leaves you gasping at the verbal spars and emotional vulnerability; manufactured or real it doesn’t seem to matter because the tension on the stage is palpable.  This is one of those plays that you want to go grab a drink to discuss after you see it.

While this production must have added angst for those raised in the Jewish faith, one needn’t be Jewish to be touched (and horrified). The play is impossible to turn away from and will suck you in from the first moment to the touching final scene between Jonah and Daphna.

Bad Jews runs until Saturday, Nov. 29th – Get Your Tickets Here