BosGuy on facebook: I have been assimilated

Resistance is Futile
I’m capitulating… I’ve decided to dip my toe into the facebook pool. But as with all things related to technology, nothing is straight forward or simple and I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing. I have to admit that I view facebook the way I do tumblr; something I’ll give a try but I don’t really like very much (at least not just yet). I’m struggling to figure out how to set this up correctly, so I thought I would to turn to readers and ask for help.

Request to readers: I have set up a BosGuy Blog page (it is tied to the profile I created on fb initially called “Bos Guy”). Would you search on facebook for “BosGuy Blog” and then like or join or whatever it is that people are suppose to do? I’d like to direct everyone to the community page “BosGuy blog” vs “Bos Guy”. Since the blog page is set up as a community, I need a certain number of members for it to be legit in the eyes of facebook.

Request to bloggers: I have two initial questions, first would you join or link to my BosGuy blog community page. I tried to reach out to many of you through my gmail account but facebook keeps giving me an error. My second question is for Blogger users – Can I create a feed that will update my wall with my blogger postings?

A note to all: I may inadvertently block you or commit a variety of other fb faux pas as I get comfortable using it. Frankly setting up this page has put me in touch with the cantankerous old man I’m certain I’ll become so if something looks amiss shoot me an email; and preferably to my gmail account or here on blogger.

6 responses to “BosGuy on facebook: I have been assimilated

  1. Welcome to Facebook!


  2. I can't find your Facebook page handsome.


  3. Bosguy just like my hubby, I can't see your BosGuy Blog page on Facebook. I did find your personal profile. Make sure to set up the Bosguy Blog as a "Page", not a profile or Facebook will yank it down when they see it isn't a person. Also make sure the settings are set for it to be publicly visible. Once you have it all squared away you can use to send your blog posts to the BosGuy Blog page on Facebook. I use that to send posts for several blogs I administer to their Facebook counterparts.


  4. It seems as though the page isn't there. At least, when I searched for it, it did not come up. Check it again and make sure it's named correctly as you want it to be.


  5. It is, indeed, a whole other world. Some good. Some not so good. I tried your link but it didn't appear to take me to your page. I'd love to be your friend….send me a request at: Arnie Lewis Tharp


  6. Good luck with Facebook. I tried that for about two weeks and then quit because I felt uncomfortable about being bombarded with friend requests from people I don't know among other things. I'm not a big fan of the privacy settings either. They're way too complicated.



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