Social media agita

MYSPACE is no longer DELICIO.US and as a result is no more.
Obviously I’m being a bit facetious, but today I was looking at web icons for social media and tagging and it dawned on me how ridiculous we’ve become embracing nearly anything labelled “social”. I should say up front that I’m a huge fan of social media and leveraging technology but I have to wonder where is the tipping point? I wonder which of these sites will still be around and relevant in a decade and which will follow in the footsteps of MySpace.
What social media tools / sites do you regularly use? What social media tools totally flummox you?

4 responses to “Social media agita

  1. OMG Your are so right Jason!!!I only use blogger cauze I don't want tospend to much time in front of my computor, especially during the beautiful season. And I'm way too technologically retarded to do any more. Even blogger gives me the creeps. ;)HugsJon


  2. It's so odd, with all this social interaction on the net are we becoming less social in reality. I'm more in touch with an online friend in the US than I am with a mate that lives a mile up the road!I used to love MySpace, then it was taken over by the News Corp/News Int Murdoch empire and well, nothing was private anyway, so stopped using it.


  3. I used to be obsessed with Myspace. Now I don't use Myspace, facebook, or any other social network… except for blogger 🙂


  4. I blog thats it… I refuse facebooki scares me



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