Columbus Cafe to close in November

Earlier this spring the South End Patch and local blogs reported that the Columbus Cafe had been put up for sale.  Although, I’ve not had a chance to talk to Jim Contreras, I learned this week that the unpretentious cheap eats restaurant, which has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can recall will close at the end of November.

I’ll be sorry to speak of Columbus Cafe in the past tense, as I’ve been a long time fan of the affordable comfort food and casual dining experience that this place has come to perfect.  The space will not remain vacant for long as I’ve been told a new owner will be opening a restaurant, presumably under a new name and with a new menu shortly after Columbus Cafe closes.

Want to check out Columbus Cafe before it closes its doors? You can find the restaurant in the South End at 535 Columbus Avenue – no reservations required.

8 responses to “Columbus Cafe to close in November

  1. BosGuy – looks like new construction is going on in the old Columbus Cafe location. Any gossip on new restaurant going in?


  2. Looks like some construction is taking place in the old Columbus Cafe location – any word on new restaurant going in?


  3. It’s January and it’s still open. Does anybody know the scoop?


  4. anyone know who bought the place? it is in fact closing, and it is far from the best restaurant in the south end. the food is mediocre at best, hopefully something good opens up.


  5. The restaurant just issued a Groupon, so perhaps it will not be closing in November? Or someone is buying the place?


  6. Some say the closing is only a rumor. Don’t count this wonderful place out yet!


  7. I dont understand how places like Columbus Cafe and Joe V’s close. They were the best restaurants in the SE!



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