Landry’s Rocky Horror Show is worth seeing

Ryan Landry’s take on the cult film classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show, opened in Cambridge at the Oberon Theater to a sold out audience filled with “Antici-Patients” as Dr. Frank-N-Furter (played by Landry) might have suggested on Friday, October 14th.

The 90-minute show which started at 11PM had all the energy of a rock concert and had half the crowd singing and dancing along with the band and cast.  The show remained faithful to the original with some tweaks and a new score, but Landry’s personality is also evident as he works a few snarky remarks into the act.  The cast croons out the tunes everyone knows with energy and better voices than I would have expected, making the show exceed expectations.

Shows will continue each Friday through December 2nd, and don’t be fooled the best tickets in the house are for standing room which cost only $25.  You can purchase your tickets here (and I hope you do) because I’d love to see this become a new fall tradition with the Oberon and Landry’s Gold Dust Orphans.

3 responses to “Landry’s Rocky Horror Show is worth seeing

  1. One of my favorite plays. I haven’t seen a decent production here in ages though. Maybe soon


  2. great blog, grew up in maine…always loved boston. Partner and i are visiting next week and i value the information you have posted here…will definitely be using your restaurant reviews!


  3. Love the poster for this event. I played Dr. Frank-n Furter in college



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