47th Head of the Charles: October 22-23

The Charles River divides Boston from Cambridge and each autumn the Head of the Charles (the largest regatta in the world) occurs.  The two-day sporting event includes more than 8,000 rowers competing in over 50 races and draws more than 300,000 spectators (many of them college students proudly -and somewhat drunkenly- cheering on their school).

The seven bridges that criss-cross the Charles River along the race course provide excellent vantage points, but I’m more partial to viewing from the Cambridge side nearer Harvard University and Harvard Square.

If you are new to Boston or rediscovering the city after many years of calling this place home I would strongly recommend coming out and watching the Regatta. Harvard Square pubs and streets are overflowing with people and the city is abuzz with rowers who have come from all over to compete in this prestigious and largest regatta in the world.

This event is uniquely Boston’s (or perhaps to be fair I should include Cambridge too).  Like the Boston marathon, its an athletic event that falls far outside the purview of mainstream sports, but it is a tradition here that many in the city come out to support and enjoy.  

One response to “47th Head of the Charles: October 22-23

  1. And cute rowers, help.

    I didn’t realize that Cambridge and Boston were so close. 🙂



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