Here comes the sun

Since September I have been adding a monthly post entitled “How to survive a Boston Winter”.  I figure these posts can share some wisdom for people both new to Boston and new to colder climates (no matter where you may call home).

This past week I included my November post on the subject after a string of days with weather in the low 60s had concluded. I assumed that was the last of the mild weather (yes, that qualifies as mild in Boston at this time of the year).  However, Thanksgiving weekend has continued the trend of what has been a fairly mild and absolutely delightful autumn.  Yesterday Boston temps were in the low 60s and when I went out at night the temperature had hardly budged.  Today and through the next few days forecasters are predicting equally pleasant weather.  I know this will quickly become a distant memory so I feel the need to get out and enjoy the weather as much as possible.


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