Men of Twitter

Each Monday I post #MenOfTwitter profiles of men who catch my eye and whom I think you may enjoy following. Below are this week’s #MenOfTwitter.  Leave them a nice comment and start following on Twitter.

TheDaveyWavey – This native New Englander has some gypsy blood in him, and I have enjoyed following him on his adventures recently to NYC and Hawaii. However, my favorite post on his blog, Break The Illusion, was when he tried vegemite while visiting Australia.  Dave’s blog is all about affirmation and helping to make the world a better place.  He also markets his own apparel and has a fitness site complete with daily work out routines.  You can keep up with all his activities on Facebook and Twitter. #LoveHim

AaronHoff – Aaron is a 25 year old Michigan native who has a penchant for discretely flashing his derrière in his Twitter profile pics.  This ‘cheeky’ guy moved to San Francisco in the fall from DC.  To help pay the bills he is someone’s “sexretary”. His words not mine (I told you he’s cheeky).  Aaron is one of the funniest guys I follow.  An example of a recent tweet is “The trainer broke whatever my ‘getting into the car’ muscles are.” #CheekyTweeter

BrianJMoylan – You may recognize Brian as one of the staff writers for  In Brian’s own words, “I grew up in the great state of Connecticut, but now I live in beautiful Midtown Manhattan with the rest of the world’s actors and homosexuals.” Moylan also Tweets under the pseudonym @FleshbotBrian for a naughty site that would likely appeal to a number of my readers. #NaughtyWriter

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