Men of Twitter: Holiday edition

Each Monday I post profiles of men who catch my eye and whom I think you may enjoy following.  I refer to these weekly posts as Men of Twitter. Each day this week I’ve decided I would feature a handful of the men from this past year.  Take a moment to check out these profiles and follow if on Twitter.

AussieBrenton – Brenton lives in Sydney Australia. He’s a sweetheart. He also happens to write an excellent blog called, Aussielicious.

 FLHotty1 – I met Will in Provincetown, MA over Fourth of July weekend.  He proved to be as handsome in person as his picture (and just as nice).

TheMoInMontrose – Alan lives in Houston and is one of the nicest guys I’ve met on Twitter. He’s easy going and an all round great guy. Check him out.

3 responses to “Men of Twitter: Holiday edition

  1. I can vouch that AussieBrenton and TheMoInMontrose are excellent choices. Don’t know FLHotty1…but now is the time to go check him out. Batting 1000 this week!


  2. I enjoy looking at will as much now as when you first posted his pic.


  3. I love seeing TheMoInMontrose here! So swoon-worthy. Definitely a great guy – and he spells his name the proper (and only) way. – The Other Alan



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