Men of Twitter: Holiday edition

Each Monday I post profiles of men who catch my eye and whom I think you may enjoy following.  I refer to these weekly posts as Men of Twitter. Each day this week I’ve decided I would feature a handful of the men from this past year.  Take a moment to check out these profiles and follow if on Twitter.

KeithStiles –  Keith was featured as a Men of Twitter this past fall. He’s a licensed massage therapist who lived in Boston but now calls NYC home.

Dan_SEAC – Dan lives in the neighborhood and co-owns one of the coolest fitness apparel and sneakers stores in the city. Check it out here.

KissingKamal – Lives in Washington D.C. and writes an excellent blog that focuses on what it is really like to be single, gay and dating.

2 responses to “Men of Twitter: Holiday edition

  1. Rob, I’m not a Twitterer but want to wish you and Sergio all the best for 2012. Fantastic travels, good food and loads of love.

    BTW, you show interesting [hot] men with a twitter account.


  2. I like the new page!

    Happy new year to you!



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