Book review: Boy meets Boy

Boy Meets Boy by David Leviathan is a quick and funny read about Paul, a high school sophomore and his friends in an unnamed small town.  However, this is not your typical small town (although its one where most gay readers would love to have grown up).  Here the high school cheerleading squad forgoes the use of pom poms opting to ride Harleys on the field, the star quarterback prefers to wear woman’s clothing and doubles as the home coming queen and the town’s local ice cream shop is called the “I Scream Parlor” and plays horror films for its patrons.

Leviathon’s book is a light read, probably best for high school and 20-somethings, but I enjoyed it; it’s the perfect mindless, vacation novel that is guaranteed to give you a chuckle.  Here is an excerpt of what you can expect from this tale of high school drama that unfolds in this very special town.

In 6th grade, Cody, Joni, a lesbian 4th grader named Laura and I formed our elementary school’s first gay-straight alliance.  Quite honestly, we took one look around and figured the straight kids needed our help.”

One response to “Book review: Boy meets Boy

  1. Did u read this on the cruise? Thx I need to get a new book..Will check it out! Muwah!



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