Men of Twitter

Each Monday I blog about profiles of men on Twitter who catch my eye and whom I think you may enjoy following. As always, suggestions for profiles to feature are welcome. If you’d like to follow me on twitter, you can find me @BosGuy. You can find me talking about these men on Twitter by searching the #MenOfTwitter hash mark.

In lieu of featuring two separate profiles, this week I’m featuring one Twitter handle that is managed by a rather interesting couple. Check out their story.

FlashPackAt40 – This week I’m featuring a couple, John & Craig, who met 20+ years ago in London.  Over the years they have traveled extensively but at the end of 2011 they decided to sell nearly everything they own and purchased a one-way ticket to Australia to travel and see the world together for the next two years. They refer to their current adventure as “flashpacking” and have created a travel blog to document their experiences which you can check out here,

Three months into their adventure, John depicted on the left has listed New Year’s Eve celebrations in Sydney and their time in Bali as his favorite memories.  Incidentally its John’s birthday today so wish him well.

Craig depicted on the right lists the helicopter ride they took around fox glacier and mount cook as his highlight.  If you are a beer lover, you’ll appreciate Craig’s commitment to sample as many types of beers from around the world on his travels.

Next stop: the Philippines followed by Taiwan, S. Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China, Nepal and India.

2 responses to “Men of Twitter

  1. Right on… Love this. I want to travel and see the world too.


  2. Thanks for the feature, keep up with the blog




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