Book review: Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name is a coming of age story that is beautifully written by Andre Aciman.  I first read this book a few years ago when the owner of Boston’s LGBT bookstore, Calamus Books, suggested it as a must read.

Talk about “Summer Lovin”… The setting of the story takes place on the Italian Riviera in the 1980s and the main character, Elio, is a curious teenager nearly 18 who falls hard for Oliver, a 24 year old postdoc teacher from Columbia who’s spending the summer at his home as a guest of Elio’s father.

What transpires is a summer romance of sort that is incredibly touching and beautifully written so much so that at times the book reads more like poetry than prose.  Perhaps the book’s publisher describes the book best when they write, “André Aciman’s critically acclaimed debut novel is a frank, unsentimental, heartrending elegy to human passion.

The hard cover copy of this book is nearly 250 pages so its perfect for a long weekend if you are an avid reader. I’m sure you’ll find this book difficult to put down. The interactions are so touchingly written and the intimacy so profound that you’ll feel as if the pages of the book are turning themselves. Your local LGBT bookstore will have this for certain, or you may buy the book online here.

4 responses to “Book review: Call Me By Your Name

  1. This is a wonderful read – I feel in synch so many of the feelings of tentative overtures in my “youth”. His characters are all do real and believable. Interestingly, the author was at the Harvard Bookstore a few months ago. I was able to personally thank him for the validity of his writing and the poetry it set in motion [that’s what happens when your mind and spirit and heart are all caught up in something you are reading or listening to or dreaming’. Plus I received a wonderful inscrition from him after the reading. Time to re-read this book – as Spring has sprung and this once-young man’s fancy starts to turn. Thanks for the reminder!!!


  2. Thank You, for this wonderful reminder, of one of my most cherished books, the pleasure of savoring it, doubled by discovering and reading on a drizzly spring trip to Paris, and revisited during a stay at the Land’s End Inn in Provincetown.
    I think you will also enjoy, “Able Was I” by Drew Banks.
    Merci affinement encore,


  3. I had to take two turns at this book before I fell for it. It definitely gets under the skin. I’m glad to read someone else’s thoughts on it. 🙂


  4. This is one of my favorite books ever! It really touched me! So well written. And apparently the writer is a straight guy, which astounds me.



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