Book review: The Dante Club

The Dante Club is a must read for historical fiction and mystery fans. Set in Boston in 1865 its main characters include American literature giants Longfellow, Holmes, and Lowell.  Pearl does an amazing job drawing in the reader, telling a tale about suspicious murders in Boston that have amazing parallels to those depicted in Dante’s Inferno, a book coincidentally being translated into English by these writers for the American public.

Pearl’s novel will ignite your imagination and have you up late reading.  He does a brilliant job of bringing post-civil war Boston to life in this murder mystery that includes some of America’s most celebrated writers of the day.  However, even if you are unfamiliar with these writers / poets you will lose none of the suspense.  Don’t assume Pearl’s writing style and story is too cerebral, this national bestseller will be a page turner for anyone who enjoys a good story and likes mysteries.

You can read more about the book and the local author, Matthew Pearl, who lives in Cambridge, MA on his website,

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