April is national poetry month

I love poetry because it can evoke strong feelings. That may sound strange, because I hear people say they don’t “get” poetry. But when I ask these people when was the last time they read poetry they refer back to when they were in class.  Can you imagine what one might think of music if your sole experience was from music class? I’m pretty certain shows like American Idol and The Voice wouldn’t be on television.

Poetry is a lot like music. The trick is finding poets who speak to you.

Poetry inserts art into the form of communicating and can beautifully describe abstracts like love and faith. Poetry can also perfectly capture and describe a moment or feeling with amazing elegance.

I thought I’d share an excerpt from a poem in honor of national poetry month. This poem is appropriately named Boston and is a bit naughty.

I watched two men
press hard into
each other, their bodies
caught in the club’s
bass drum swell,
and I couldn’t remember
when I knew I’d never
be beautiful, but it must
have been quick
and subtle, the way
the holy ghost can pass
in and out of a room.
I want so desperately
to be finished with desire,
the rushing wind, the still
small voice.

If you are intrigued you can read the full poem online or purchase Aaron Smith’s book Blue on Blue Ground.  He even has a rather interesting poem about Brad Pitt.

3 responses to “April is national poetry month

  1. Sad poem, but I agree with finding the poetry at speaks to you.


    • Who hasn’t felt insecure about their looks before? Its such an amazingly universal feeling and he captures it in his poem so beautifully. I doubt there is a gay man out there who can’t relate to that passage.


  2. I am just wondering if not having Idol or The Voice would be such a bad thing. But I do agree about finding a poet who speaks to you.



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