Book review: The Last Dickens

A few weeks ago I wrote a book review of Pearl’s first novel, The Dante Club.  I was so taken with the story that I picked up a copy of his latest mystery, The Last Dickens.

This historical fiction mystery takes place in 1870 and spans three nations: the colony of India, England and The United States.  While the novel revolves around the Boston publisher, James Osgood, who travels to Charles Dickens home in Kent after learning of the authors untimely death, there are two related back stories that Pearl does a fantastic job weaving into the book. The first is about Charles Dickens much celebrated second visit to America in 1867 and the other is about the Opium trade then regulated by England in their colony of India.

While I preferred The Dante Club, this was still worth the read for those who enjoy this genre of literature. There is plenty of drama and plot twists to keep you glued to the book.

You can read more about the book and the local author, Matthew Pearl, who lives in Cambridge, MA on his website,


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