Men of Twitter

BosGuyEach Monday I post #MenOfTwitter profiles of men who catch my eye and whom I think you may enjoy following.  If so inclined, leave these guys a nice comment and start following them.

Men of TwitterAaronH89 – Aaron is a Boston native who is a second year law student so he’s got looks and brains (a potent combo). If he looks like a jock its because he played baseball until relatively recently when he injured his knee – dashing his dreams of a career in MLB. This handsome 20-something is as easy to chat with as he is on the eyes so start following and say hello to this shy Bostonian.

Men of TwitterHelloBlaine – Blaine is from Houston, Texas. This handsome techie is even more of a Twitter addict than me.  If you follow Blaine you’ll quickly learn that he loves men’s fashion and is interested in all things pertaining to health and fitness. Don’t be shy, Blaine is extremely friendly and easy to connect with on Twitter.

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One response to “Men of Twitter

  1. I love these weekly posts. These guys are very handsome. Makes me wish I lived in Boston or Houston.



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