Things that make BosGuy go hmm…

I saw this photo on my friend’s fb page and couldn’t resist pilfering it.

4 responses to “Things that make BosGuy go hmm…

  1. I posted something similar to three social networks a few weeks ago.
    I was bombarded almost immediately, by some of my most respected followers, for being “fat-phobic”. I ended up apologizing and retracting all such posts rather quickly, because, after thinking about it, some of the people closest to me throughout my entire life have been people who many consider to be overweight (including my own mother, who follows me on Facebook).

    Now, when we look at a lot of inner-city neighborhoods across America, people really have to go out of their way to find wholesome, fresh, food from a grocery store (as there are only liquor stores and convenience stores abound in such neighborhoods, leaving many people with no real choice to eat healty).

    My point is, I unknowingly offended many followers by posting something that I originally thought was “funny” because I didn’t realize that not everyone has such easy access to healthy choices as I do.

    I’m not overweight, nor offended by this post (given the morbidly obese “Jesus-freak” engaged in full-on gluttony), but, after being called-out by my social network followers, I feel I should share my own “enlightenment” with people whom I sincerely respect.


    • Those easily offended will find offense wherever they look. Your sensitivities surrounding health / obesity seem to end at the reference regarding religion. Others may be more offended by the religious slight.

      I’m content with each reader drawing their own conclusion and deciding for themselves. I post entries for my own entertainment and enjoyment. All are welcome to comment provided responses are respectful in tone.


  2. Is she related to the guy with the big balls?



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