Boston GuyMy good friend and fellow Boston blogger of You Think You Know has a regular post called Overheard where he shares humorous quotes he’s observed.

I couldn’t resist featuring a version of his Overheard posts on my blog after returning from my last visit in Provincetown during the week of 4th of July.

I’m a HUGE fan of yours and think you are fantastic Ms. LuPone (as in Patti LuPone)

I’m not Patti LuPone, I’m a man (Ms. Coco Peru)

Let me explain the situation… or to quote Estelle Getty from the Golden Girls “Picture this”… it was the summer of 2012 the place, Provincetown. A young(ish) man is standing outside after watching a variety show called ShowGirls talking to one of the drag queen performers when Patti LuPone’s “Huge Fan” interrupts me to shake the drag queen’s hand and gush a bit before calling him Patti LuPone.  I was that youngish man and the drag queen was Coco Peru.

Honestly, watching Coco Peru blink once then in her best deadpan voice utter “I’m not Patti LuPone, I’m a man” might go down as my funniest moment in 2012.  Coco – you are funny on stage and even more funny in real life.

3 responses to “Overheard

  1. That’s a great story!

    I still find opportunities every day to quote my favorite line from the movie “Trick”: “Did you ever get cum in your eye? It BURNS.” I agree with Mark about her timing, it’s not just what Coco says, but how she says it that make me laugh. Of course, I can never do it right so most of the time everyone in the room just squirms awkwardly and changes the subject back to the meeting’s agenda. But I still laugh.


  2. Coco has the BEST comedic timing, hands down!


  3. thanks for the shoutout! And I almost peed my pants when you told me this story in person… hilarious



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