Rendez-vous with Blobby

Last weekend a blogger whom I read and occasionally comment on was visiting Boston.  He and his partner were coming back for the second year in a row to spend a week relaxing in Ogunquit, Maine.

For those unfamiliar, Ogunquit is another gay-friendly destination on the coast of Maine just a 75 minute drive north of Boston.  I have very good friends who spend much time there, and I can assure you its a beautiful place. But I’m getting a bit off track…

It was really great meeting the blogger “Blobby”.  When we met I was able to ask him how he got the name Blobby.  Apparently its a college nickname that stuck. We spent a couple of hours chatting at a local bar and just getting a chance to say hello in person.  Although I don’t know how many bloggers I’ve met in person (maybe 5-6), each in person visit has been a positive experience, and time spent with Blobby was no different. Hopefully the coast of Maine will work its voodoo on Blobby and he’ll want to return so we can make this an annual tradition.

Blobby – thank you for sharing some of your vacation time with me while you were in Boston. I enjoyed our time together.

Check out Blobby’s blog at

4 responses to “Rendez-vous with Blobby

  1. Very cool you and Blobby got to meet each other! I’ve only had one blogger meet-up so far. It wouldn’t be fair to jump to any conclusions regarding the character of bloggers as a whole from that experience. ;^)

    (Work your magic, winkie emoticon.)


  2. what a looker he is! I mean, except for that photo. I represent much better in real life. but had a great time and really enjoyed the meet-up. i’m sure you had better things to do w a Friday evening, so I’m humbled you spent them avec moi.


    • I wanted to feature you in your beloved Indians regalia… And I can’t think of a better way to spend a couple of hours on a Friday. It was my pleasure to meet as well.


  3. All of my blogger in-person meet-ups have been positive experiences too. Bloggers rock!!



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