Wicked gawjus

wicked gawjusSeptember weather has continued to be warm and sunny making it easier to say good by to summer and hello to autumn.  For sure the days are shorter but with weather like this who is going to complain?

For those new to Boston or with travel plans that will bring you here I wanted to share this BosTongue (LargeTony thought of that term) phrase, which you may be inclined to hear on days like this.

Wicked Gawjus refers to any weather above 70 degrees and below 85 degrees that has low humidity and plenty of sun. I would suggest you repeat the phrase out loud on your own a few times and practice using it in a sentence so you will be believable when you use it. For example…

I just picked up a 6-pack at Jimmy’s cornah packie, and now I’m heading down to Castle Island to drink ’em cuz its so wicked gawjus.


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