Boston Ballet: Fall Program

Source: Boston Ballet

The Boston Ballet Fall Program opened this past Thursday. Described as a powerhouse trio of contemporary works featuring three visionary choreographers, including Christopher Bruce’s Rooster, William Forsythe’s The Second Detail, and a world premiere by Boston Ballet’s Resident Choreographer, Jorma Elo.

The Fall Program opened with “Rooster”, which I saw when it premiered at The Boston Ballet in Play with Fire last spring.  Eight songs by The Rolling Stones danced to by 10 ballet dancers will capture your attention I promise you. Despite having seen this last spring I could watch this again and again and I think you will feel the same too.

The following performance “Awake Only” is decidedly more dreamy.  The dancers are slightly upstaged in my opinion by the unexpected and exceedingly cute young student from the Boston Ballet School, Liam Lurker. You will be taken by his boyish exuberance at performing on such a large stage.

The Boston Ballet Fall Program closes with the more energetic “The Second Detail”.  This includes more than a dozen dancers on stage, and  I loved the energy and commanding nature of this performance. I was constantly trying to keep up with watching everything happening.

All told, the Fall Program was a fun night and one I think more people would enjoy if they gave The Boston Ballet a chance. Make a night of it. The performance starts at 7:30 and concludes at 10.  Tickets are less expensive than you might think so act quickly since the Fall Program only runs through November 4 at The Boston Opera House.

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