BosGuy brain teaser

Each Friday morning I post a riddle or brain teaser.  The idea is to get you to think outside the box and exercise your brain. However, since I am still abroad in Brazil with limited access to my blog, I thought I’d share an optical illusion, which I hope you enjoy.

Amazingly, the horizontal lines are parallel, even if they seem otherwise when you view the image.

Brain TeaserSource

So why do the lines appear slanted? This optical illusion is formed by alternating light and dark tiles in staggered rows. In order for the illusion to work each tile must be surrounded by a layer of color that falls between the white and black colors.  This makes most see a somewhat skewed pattern in which the lines are alternately tilted slightly in one direction then the other with respect to the horizontal and in which the tiles appear to be taller on one side than the other.

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