Ho Ho Holy Crap

phone-callsWork this week and next has taken on a new sense of urgency as everyone prepares to go away for the holidays.  My company officially closes for the year on Friday, December 21st at 2PM an will not reopen until January 2nd.

This is an unofficial perk that my employer has provided each year since I joined the firm and one that I enjoy.  However, to off-set the time out and away the workload becomes insane.

Since I work from home, most of my meetings come in the form of calls.  Today I did something I rarely do – I had two phone calls at the same time; careful use of the mute button is essential in this situation. I think I would have gotten away with it too had I not inadvertently taken the wrong phone off mute and responded. While my answer was very intuitive it had absolutely nothing to do with the PR call and left the web-strategy team on the other call scratching their heads wondering why I was not responding.  B-U-S-T-E-D   :-/

3 responses to “Ho Ho Holy Crap

  1. Rob what do you do for a living


  2. Hmm – when I worked for that computer company that shall not be named we got the 24th until the 2nd off. That was for those of us who didn’t work in the customer facing side which thankfully I was.



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