Map of southern New England

MassachusettsThis is absolutely hilarious, but I’m not sure if you would even be able to understand some of the references if you have not grown up in this part of the country… Feel free to share with friends you know from Massachusetts.

4 responses to “Map of southern New England

  1. Donnarose Russian

    Thanks guys. I made the wicked pissa map. And no, there ain’t nuthin else in Wrought Eyelin. 🙂 Love Rushie


  2. A friend of mine in Milwaukee was visited by people from the Boston area back in the 1950s. When he asked what route they had taken, the woman replied, “Oh, we went to Natick and turned left.”


  3. You could update the map slightly about RI. Sure there’s the Foxy Lady, Fantasies, Satin Doll, etc. Plus for the gay folks among us there’s the Megaplex and Club Body.



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