Five year anniversary

fiveLast week I passed a professional milestone when I hit my five year anniversary with my current employer.

I’ve never worked at a firm for five years, always finding a graceful exit to work for another company after 3-4 years had passed.  I’ve enjoyed the first five years and have learned an awful lot.  I’ve also been able to do some amazing things like meeting President Clinton last spring in Boston, but who can say what is around the corner.

How long you have worked at your current job?  Does five years sound like a long time to you or have you been in your current role for far longer?

11 responses to “Five year anniversary

  1. Coming up on 15 years working for the same company in Boston’s financial district. As of the first of the year, I have cut back my hours to 25 per week.
    Still at 70 years old I enjoy the work I do.


  2. I worked for the state of Washington for 26 years.


  3. About to pass a milestone @ work myself, congrats!


  4. 22 years at my last job… and here I thought it was pretty rare


  5. I’m in my 16th year at my current job. Did 10 yrs at the previous one.


  6. I’m coming up on my 5th year at the end of this month of well. Longest in my career and I’m 42. 5 yrs is long to me but I couldn’t see myself leaving my current employer. I feel settled for the first time.


  7. When I left my last job, I’d been there 16 years!


  8. 13 Years …


  9. congratulation! 5 has been the magic number for me, and I only got there once. I don’t know if it’s the gypsy in me, hitting a glass ceiling, or what. I hope you continue to enjoy, or find something better.


  10. September 26th I will be with this company 36 years…..and still loving it.



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