The Nope

I love how Cosmopolitan has celebrated the new Pope.

The Nope

The white smoke has emerged from the chimney and a new pope was chosen in Vatican City…and at Cosmo, this was the first thing that came to our minds.

Pope Francis, this one’s for you!

One response to “The Nope

  1. Pope Francis I is in fact a Jesuit priest. Now let me clue you in on Jesuits. They tend to be HIGHLY educated. I mean scary highly educated and not in theology but in fields like astronomy, physics, and finally in the case of Pope Frank the First chemistry.

    As such they tend to become non-believers relatively quickly. Some may hedge but deep down they know it’s all bovine effluent and nothing more.

    I say this from the first twelve years of my education being in Catholic schools. In high school a lot of the Brothers of St. John the Baptist de LaSalle had multiple little academic letters behind their names, so too the laeity staff. And if lots of those guys weren’t big old atheists then I’m the pope!



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