Paying it forward


A couple of years ago I shared a story about a stranger here in Boston helping a visitor who needed some extra cash in my post Practice Random Acts of Kindness.  Earlier this month, another such heartwarming story took place here in Boston, but this time the story got noticed and has gone viral.

Long story short – Samantha Ford who is romantically linked to a soldier serving in Afghanistan has a bumper sticker on her car that reads, “Half my heart is in Afghanistan.” This past Monday when she came out of Dunkin Donuts she found this note and $40 under her windshield wiper blade.  Her touching story has been making the rounds on Facebook and has been picked up by major news networks like the Huffington Post.

Much thanks to Tales of the Sissy blogger for bringing the story to my attention!

One response to “Paying it forward

  1. I thought you would appreciate this since it happened in Boston. 🙂



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