Milken Institute ranks Massachusetts tops (again)

massachusettsIt is time to report about something positive rather than the horrors associated with the Boston Marathon so I am happy to share this story about Massachusetts.

While my home state doesn’t have internationally recognizable towns like Beverly Hills or addresses like Fifth Avenue, Massachusetts is an affluent state.   Much of this wealth is derived from the state’s investment in industries like technology that pay wages far higher than the average income.  So while some may be surprised to read that Massachusetts achieved the top spot (again) on an index ranking states by their technology and science capabilities compiled the Milken Institute I’m not.

The Milken Institute is a California-based think tank that evaluates R&D investment, risk capital and entrepreneurial infrastructure, and the skill of a local work force to  draw up its rankings.  Their calculations measure a state’s success at converting those assets into businesses and high-paying jobs.  So while Silicon Valley in California deserves its role as top dog as America’s technology epicenter, the Massachusetts juggernaut continues to pay dividends that lift a rising tide for many in my state and I’m kind of proud of that.

Those investments didn’t happen by accident, and I hope Massachusetts continues to make those investments so we can maintain this leadership, because while we’ll never be Hollywood or Fifth Avenue, I like the fact that an opportunity for a better life and access to higher paying careers are more readily available here than just about anywhere else in the US.

One response to “Milken Institute ranks Massachusetts tops (again)

  1. I shared the chart with my Rep and Senator in RI and the Senate President and Speaker of the House. I asked their input on getting RI to rise in rank. I can put them together with people who might be able to make some suggestions.



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