Things that make BosGuy go hmm…

bacon_yankee_candleYankee Candle has rolled out a series of “man candles” with scents like MMM, Bacon!  I’m sort of at a loss for words.

Things that make BosGuy go hmm…

2 responses to “Things that make BosGuy go hmm…

  1. I have a Scentsy Wickless Candle business. Mainly a home party biz, but a quality product I personally use and endorse for it’s super fragrances, it’s safety factor and it’s fun. As a fun note, this month’s host specials are a man fragrance six pack:
    Cold Pizza: True gourmands will recognize this combo of spicy tomato sauce, cheese, and basil.
    Burn Rubber: The smell of new tires on your ride.
    Divot: As fresh as a chunk of newly-mowed fairway tossed in the air by your nine iron.
    Smokehouse: The aroma of the magical place where beef jerky comes from.
    Scentsy Cola: Sugary soda, straight from the fountain.
    Woodshop: Just like 8th grade shop class.
    It’s for real. You can check it out at
    I wonder if I can convince corporate to come up with a gay manly fragrance sspecial? lol!


  2. A friend had a candle scented like vanilla cake frosting! Ewww!!! But then he lit it, and I have to admit…it smelled yummy! 🙂



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