Blogger meet up (sort of)

Steve AliSteve Ali is originally from the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago but now lives and works in the Cayman Islands.  I’m not exactly sure when Steve and I started chatting but it was definitely a few years ago back when he maintained a blog any music enthusiast would enjoy called, Long Haired Boy.

Over the years, Steve has made a few trips to Boston to see concerts (he is madly passionate about music), but this was his first visit staying at chez BosGuy. He is such a great guy, attractive, interesting and fun to spend time with and I was really happy to have him here with me. One of the best unintended consequences of writing this blog has been the friendships that have resulted.

I do promise Steve that I’ll be taking you up at some point  on your hospitality and visiting The Cayman Islands – but I hope you come back again soon.

2 responses to “Blogger meet up (sort of)

  1. Handsome! I love ironically named blogs. Blogger meet-ups are fun!


  2. I agree – blogger meet-ups are the best unintended consequence of blogging!



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