Tweet of the day: David Bullock

Trayvon MartinDavid Bullock or @AlaskasVeryOwn (on Twittah) sent out a Tweet today that really placed a lump in my throat.  Earlier in the day I had posted this video created by Howard University alumni and students, because I thought it went a long way to challenging people’s perceptions, but my corresponding Facebook post resulted in people arguing about the verdict rather than coming together.

Bravo to David for imaging a world I think we’d all like to live in. I’m thoroughly disheartened by the Trayvon Martin verdict and the racially charged dialog that has ensued. I don’t like how violent our society is, I can’t understand why we have “stand your ground” laws, and I’m frustrated that many feel a young guy dressed in a hoodie is perceived as suspicious.

But mostly I can’t help but admire David Bullock’s Tweet and agree 100%.

2 responses to “Tweet of the day: David Bullock

  1. regardless of how you feel about the verdict, the “racially charged” dialogue needs to happen. Too often people in this country think that race is no longer an issue when it very much still is. Additionally, the “stand your ground” law needs to go – absolutely ridiculous


  2. It’s a nice Tweet, but a guy named Nick Surkamp sent it out first, right after the verdict on the 13th.



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