Bravo Jesse

Dirk Caber

Facebook photo that banned Jesse Jackman

My friend Jesse made some news last month when a photo of him kissing his partner was removed by Facebook, citing it violated their community standards. Long story short, the situation was rectified by Facebook rather quickly, but Jesse has penned an article that is on the Huffington Post today, We Must (Not) Surrender  that addresses a rather ugly side to last month’s story.

“…Dirk and I certainly feel that the definition and enforcement of their Community Standards policy needs significant refinement. However, we do not believe that Facebook is the enemy here. Our true adversaries are those who posted the hate-filled comments in the first place.

I think we can agree that there needs to be a modicum of respect when we interact with each other via social media.  The threats and bullying Jesse and his partner had directed at them on Facebook is the real story. I’d encourage you to read Jesse’s full article on Huffington Post here.

9 responses to “Bravo Jesse

  1. its called polygomy something recognised in at least one religion in america unless im mistaken but then it has to be one man and many wives hmmmmm enough said. to see a picture of two men kissing is classed as unacceptable yet a semi naked miley cyrus on a wrecking ball is called art. something is disturbed somewhere and i dont think its because two people in love kiss.


  2. And if one is offended by what finds on Facebook, one can choose not to use Facebook. I quit using it when one of my nieces began posting political diatribes that I found offensive. I didn’t send her nasty notes. I just stopped wasting my time on Facebook. How hard is that to figure out?


  3. The thing I don’t get is “Jesse” and “Dirk” are married but Jesse and Jack are just dating?


    • They are living together and think of each other as husbands but no wedding (yet).


      • So they aren’t married? Then is saying husband just to make this story have more effect?


      • I don’t believe so. We are all 40+ and at a certain point if you are in a LTR I think it is natural to refer to your significant other as a “husband” somehow boyfriend seems both insufficient and a tad young. Jesse and Dirk view each other as their significant other, they live together, love each other very much and treat each other as their spouse. That is also how their families view their relationship. However, I have to say, I’m not exactly certain how Jesse’s relationship takes away or adds to his point that the two of them were targeted by anonymous comments telling them they were despicable people and deserved to die?


  4. I need is sweet sexy kiss now!!



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