Addicted to pasta

PastaSince the SoWa Farmer’s Market opened in May I’ve been purchasing homemade pastas from Valicenti Organico every Sunday but sadly the market closed at the end of October. I’m addicted and my homemade red sauce tastes so much better when paired with fresh pasta.

 Where do you buy fresh pasta and what is your favorite?

6 responses to “Addicted to pasta

  1. Bella ravioli on Main Street in Medford. Itbis made on site and can be purchased fresh or frozen.


  2. They carry it at Allandale Farms & City Feed in JP!


  3. I tend to eat mostly dried pasta, but I do make it from scratch a few times a year, mostly to make raviolis, which I stuff with home-grown pumpkin and sage. Home-made pasta is not hard (if you have a pasta roller) and, as you pointed out, fresh is amazingly good.


  4. Trying to tempt me with carbs? Get thee behind me, Satan!


  5. Take the MBTA commuter rail down to Providence and hit Venda Ravioli. They have all sorts of fresh/frozen pastas, raviolis etc. and not that expensive. Plus they also do the sauces too. Just get off at Providence Station, take any RIPTA bus headed toward downtown and then once there take the 92 to Federal Hill.


  6. Dave pasta in Somerville is fantastic



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