Medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts

potToday is the deadline for 158  qualified applicants seeking to open medical marijuana dispensaries in the state to submit their proposals.

Under the law, each county will have at least one and a maximum of five dispensaries; a total of 35 locations for the state have been approved. Cities and towns are not allowed to permanently ban dispensaries, but they can zone where they can be located.  This second phase of the application process will now go before a committee that will score applicants on such factors as ability to meet the health needs of registered patients, appropriateness of the site, geographic distribution of dispensaries, 
local support, and plans to ensure public safety.

The chosen applicants will be notified early in 2014.

3 responses to “Medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts

  1. @truthspew: The Rhode Island law is not the same as Massachusetts. I can find the websites of two dispensaries in Rhode Island that say they are open, but since I’m far from R.I. I can’t actually drive by and see.

    Thomas C. Slater in Providence –

    Greenleaf in Portsmouth –


  2. There are dispensaries open in RI….


  3. RI passed the same law a couple years back. No dispensaries open yet because the rules they set were kind of stupid. Couldn’t be in anywhere but industrial areas which there aren’t many in RI.



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