The Boston Ballet Nutcracker

NutcrackerThe Boston Ballet presents The Nutcracker 11/29 – 12/29

Tomorrow is opening night for the Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker. Tickets remain for shows to this year’s performance that will run through December 29th.  Come out and support The Boston Ballet which is celebrating its 50th season. You just may be surprised by how much you really enjoy both this classic story and the athleticism and grace of The Boston Ballet.

More information and tickets to The Nutcracker here.

2 responses to “The Boston Ballet Nutcracker

  1. we saw the previous version of Boston Ballet Nutcracker, and in comparison this one pales. The story line is completely rushed through in the first 20 minutes, and after that it just feels like a series of performances by artists, with conspicuous pauses designed to squeeze out the applause. The previous version was something special, it felt like a fairy tale and you felt elevated by it; this one is just a tourist attraction. On top of this the toy’s costumes that were cute before, are kind of ugly now… It’s really sad. Of course the dancers are still great, but unfortunately the magic is lost.


  2. A wonderful piece of ballet – and a wonderful ballet company dancing it.



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