Municipal law number 6556

BrazilWhen I checked into my room at the Ibis Savassi Hotel in Belo Horizonte Brazil I found this note near my bed.  I didn’t recall the amenities list for Ibis including prophylactics. It made me wonder what kind of public uproar would exist in the US if such a municipal law existed here.

6 responses to “Municipal law number 6556

  1. That’s pretty cool – so it’s a city law in Belo Horizonte. That’s fairly progressive.


  2. Seems that they are expected their guests will be gettin’ busy!


  3. Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reilly would be in a dither, taking it as another sign on the “war on Christians” in this country!!!

    On a happier note, I trust you put it to good use with Sergio!!! 😉


  4. Okay

    They just left one?

    Depending on the State there would be a gamet of responses.

    Liberal states = just one and no lube! really?

    Middle on the road states, the message on the paper with the freebie would also list a local agency for additional supplies and track guest movements to see if they partook.

    The mostly conservative states – well they would not offer a condom or lube. — forget a safe sex pamphlet — but they would leave one of those free Guidien Bibles. And of course a sheet with their favorite quotes to run over and devalue your life. And of course a donation envelope. Hate is very expensive. The Rolls Royce, other fancy cars and multiple million dollar residences do not come cheap.

    It is big business. Just look at all the prayer requests dumped into a trash dumpster by Jan and Paul Crouch after the checks were removed and deposited. So now I pray at every dumpster.

    Big business tax free.

    I am just reading from a historical perspective – but not getting that a historical Jesus would endorse this.


  5. In our uptight society there would be a HUGE uproar for what is a very sensible thing!


  6. Rather civilized and thoughtful.



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