Scruffy Sunday

Sexy GuyAm I really suppose to believe this guy is all by himself on a Sunday morning?

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7 responses to “Scruffy Sunday

  1. Sometimes briefs are a good thing


  2. If we knew his address I’m sure he wouldn’t be alone for long!


  3. The gates to his paradise need opening! 🙂


  4. Poor thing needs to get some warm clothes on, lest he catch his death of pneumonia!

    Let me know where he lives and I will hurry over right over with something warm for him.


  5. Well, someone is taking the picture. But I will grant you, that bed is not at all mussed up.


  6. To me, a real man doesn’t wear briefs. Who wants to nuzzle a sweaty crotch? Grow up & let your nuts “swing free!”



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