Serious case of denial

Calvin-Hobbes-Its-Not-Denial-posterI cannot wrap my head around the fact that Christmas is just a few days away. I don’t think I ever caught up with work after returning from Brazil and the nasty head cold I’ve had all week has not helped much either.

There was a time in my life (not so long ago) when I ordered my Christmas cards in September, hand wrote 150+ notes and had them mailed the day after Thanksgiving.  Those days are clearly behind me. I no longer even send cards, my house looks like a bomb went off and I have not started my Christmas shopping. Fortunately the list of items is short and much of it I can get with relative ease, but jeesh. Where did the time go?

4 responses to “Serious case of denial

  1. I’m just not feeling it this year. Something is off.


  2. Yeah, didn’t even bother to put up a tree. In fact haven’t done so in years. Part of it is Christmas is sort of a downer for me – my grandmother, bless her chose Christmas day to die in 2005!


  3. I can relate. With Thanksgiving being late this year, there were fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Like you, I also went on a trip in Dec which meant my attentions were focused on that instead of the holiday. We will survive… 😉


  4. I’m having the same kinda realization as you but for different reasons. It doesn’t help that this year is one with the fewest days between Thanksgiving and Christmas and that Christmas is in the middle of the week. Make the most of it and feel better.



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