T’was the night before Christmas

ChristmasWell its not quite night in Boston just yet, but it will be before I realize it.  Today will be spent running errands and getting my home ready for friends who will stop by this evening.  This is a tradition Sergio and I started a few years back when we realized we had friends who would not be going home for Christmas. We dubbed it an orphans Christmas Eve and each year host this relaxing get together.

Sadly, this year I’m hosting the party without Sergio.  His father has been quite ill and he was able to head back to Brazil to be with his family. While I’m happy he can be there, his absence is something I can’t quite get past and so I look forward to having a few friends here to keep me company. Sergio was unable to get out on the buddy passes for Christmas and now plans to visit after the holiday so thankfully I’ll have Sergio home for Christmas (and our Christmas Eve open house).

I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas.  For those who don’t celebrate the holiday, I’d still like to say “good tidings we bring” as the song’s lyrics say.  I’m not 100% certain what “tidings” are but it sure sounds nice.

One response to “T’was the night before Christmas

  1. Same to you – sorry to read that Sergio’s dad is still not doing all that well.

    Cute graphic!

    FYI – tidings are news or information, In the context of the song the tidings are the announcement of the birth of the baby Jesus.

    We do a Jewish Christmas every Christmas Eve – a group of between 7-12 get together and hit Chinatown for dinner Christmas Eve and then head over to Kehillath Israel in Brookline for the MIT Christmas Eve Israeli Dance Marathon! Christmas Day most of the same group gathers to volunteer at Pine Street Inn.

    Merry Christmas to you and all who celebrate!



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