Saturday night

Holiday PartyThis is a rather unique weekend in the US.  The final weekend of the year; sandwiched between two of the biggest holidays celebrated in America: Christmas and New Year’s.

Many of you will be stepping out with friends tonight, and I wanted to wish you a happy and fun night. Here are some photos from a recent party Sergio and I hosted earlier this week.  I wish I had more pictures of everyone who stopped by but perhaps it is a sign of a good party – we simply forgot to take pictures and then later in the evening the photos became even more blurry than some of the ones used in this post. A telltale sign of our own vision at that hour I’m certain.Holiday Party 5Holiday Party 3Holiday Party 6Holiday Party 4Holiday party pictures

3 responses to “Saturday night

  1. Where are the women?


  2. We went to dinner at Taboo (Palm Beach) tonight. There were several hundred diners each celebrating their own holidays. Happy pre- New Years to you both.



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