What does the way you speak say about where you are from?

BosTongueMuch thanks to my good friend and fellow blogger (or should I say bloggah?) Julian who writes, You Think You Know for telling me about the NYT survey that asks a series of questions about pronunciation and names you give to certain items to determine or in my case confirms your personal dialect.  No surprise with my results – which you can clearly see in the above image. 

Want to take this two minute quiz to see what it says about your dialect? Check out the NYT survey here.

6 responses to “What does the way you speak say about where you are from?

  1. I ended up with Boston, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. Can you say Pennsylvania transplant to New England?


  2. Nailed me as a Bostonian


  3. Boston-Worcester-Providence! Pretty accurate, I would say.


  4. the quiz says I’m from philly and damn proud of it! 🙂


  5. I took this the other day. It’s surprisingly accurate. I live pretty much smack between the 3 cities it listed for me


  6. We played with this while the family was together over Christmas. Although sometimes it came out fairly accurately, we noticed that more often just one answer would make it wildly off base. Still, things like this always remind me that “the way WE’ve always done it” hardly ever applies outside a very small circle and never means that it is the only way things can be done, and done quite well and successfully.

    Happy New Year!



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