South End chocolate chip cookie tasting

BosGuy cookie tastingBoston’s South End has a high concentration of bakeries and cafes so I enlisted the help of three South End residents to take part in a blind tasting to determine who makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the neighborhood. I did not partake in the voting but organized the tasting that included (alphabetically): Appleton Bakery, Berkeley Perk Cafe, Blunch, Flour Bakery, Jaho Coffee & Tea, Render Coffee, South End Buttery and The Wholy Grain.

BosGuy cookie contestWithout a doubt the clear favorite by all three tasters was The South End Buttery chocolate chip cookie that received a rating of 81.5 out of a possible 90 points. This cookie scored high in all three categories: taste, appearance and size.

Tasters commented that the cookie was soft and full of delicious chocolate chips.  Honorable mentions should also go to Flour Bakery and Render Cafe which came in second and third by the reviewers.  Listed below is the complete ranking and score of those bakeries and cafes sampled along with the cost.

BosGuy cookie tasting

Much thanks to Ben Samson, Ryan Losey and Dr. Julian D’Achille, South End residents and chocolate chip cookie aficionados who acted as judges for this blind tasting.

*Greenlight Cafe and Stella Cafe were not included because they were not open at the time of purchase. National chains in the South End were not eligible for consideration.

2 responses to “South End chocolate chip cookie tasting

  1. We can’t taste them but we can see them. Can you please reveal the letters and the corresponding bakery/cafe? C and E look very small.


  2. always happy to help – especially when it comes to tasting food 🙂



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