An honest 8 inches

Jimmy JohnsMy friend, Slobodan, shared this image he snapped of a Jimmy John’s sign.  Too funny, but good to know since it is January and likely to be cold for quite a few more months.

3 responses to “An honest 8 inches

  1. Ha ha – that’s a great sign!


  2. Other than that little Vortex thing it’s been 40’s and 50’s. So a rather warmer January than usual although it fits the pattern of the last few years.

    And consider we’re about 50 days out from Spring. Consider it’s not unusual to get an 80F day in February. Things start warming up as the daylight gets longer and longer. As it is now, instead of getting dark at 4:30PM it gets dark at at almost 5PM and its progressively more daylight by 1-3 minutes every day.


  3. Old Joke: Men are like snow…you never know how many inches you are going to get and how long it will last……



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