Boston ranks low on “most bible-minded” list and I’m okay with that

religionThe The American Bible S0ciety defines “Bible-mindedness” as a combination of how often one reads the Bible and how accurate they think the Bible is. “Respondents who report reading the bible within the past seven days and who agree strongly in the accuracy of the Bible are classified as ‘Bible Minded,’” says the study’s methodology.

10 responses to “Boston ranks low on “most bible-minded” list and I’m okay with that

  1. Yet another reason I’m proud to be from Boson


  2. Another reason I’m proud to be from Boston


  3. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!


    • When out of towners especially conservatives ask why Massachusetts is so liberal, I answer that we have a very highly educated populace.


  4. Oh believe me I know the Bible pretty well. I have in fact read through the entirety of the text. And yeah – the marked difference between OT and NT; in the OT God is essentially a prick. In the NT he tries through the agency of the Jesus character to make up for it and fails miserably.


  5. Interesting … I always heard that atheists generally know the Bible better than the Bible-thumpiest of Fundamentalists because they see it more literally and with a critical eye without blind faith getting in the way.


  6. Dallas-Fort Worth is the largest by far of the top 25 metropolitan areas. Dallas by itself would rank much lower. Contrast Salt Lake City at 87! Guess Mormons don’t believe the Bible literally like the Southern Baptists do.


  7. But Providence/New Beige scores 100. Cool!


  8. Hallelujah Boston


  9. It is a great piece of literature (The Tanakh -because that is all as Jews we read). I am uncertain as to the storytelling in the Newer books adopted in the Common Era as most of it was authored some 200 years after the main protagonist had died by people who were not alive at the time.



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